The Clubhouse Movement Sessions

The Clubhouse Sessions use an athletic & unique movement training philosophy teamed with intuitive coaching and education that is suitable for every BODY. We have created an innovative methodology based on the core principles of the most effective fitness approaches from around the world, think HIIT, core, kettle-bell, boxing, athletic training along with the best aspects of traditional strength & conditioning combined to utilise more muscle groups, moving on different planes & levels. An approach that provides constant variation & is more efficient & effective than any other workout you have experienced!

More than fitness classes, they’re experiences. Created and developed by Aian Mclennan, a former professional athlete & taught by the industries best who inform & inspire. A big focus on little things, a specifically designed studio to provide an inspirational platform for our small group training, strictly capping classes at 12 people per session. Ensuring everyBODY is MOVING the way they should be & our clients are not just another number in a commercial setting.


Clubhouse Conditioning

Sweat & smile with the highest quality support whilst you enjoy a high caloric burn, improved cardio and muscular endurance and an increase in overall strength and body tone with the original TCM session. The unique Clubhouse Conditioning session offers a combination of athletic training & an innovative human movement philosophy created by former athlete and founder Aian Mclennan. The session is designed to utilise as many muscle groups as possible in an efficient and highly effective approach that's progressively challenging yet adaptable to every individual no matter the fitness level or experience.

Clubhouse Strength

Improve the physiology of your body through a functional and creative style of training that will give you a leaner, stronger and overall better you. A unique approach that focuses on your results through stretching, mobility & weight resistance training. This class is perfect for those who seek weight loss, strength, mobility and longevity.

Clubhouse TRX Core

The Clubhouse TRX Core is a session designed with a specific focus on building abdominal strength working against gravity with your body weight. This 30 minute class will challenge people of all abilities with a fast paced circuit that combines TRX suspension training and various floor based exercises. Timed sets will keep your heart rate pumping as you power through the circuits at your own pace.

Clubhouse Box & Burn

We burn hard and HIIT hard. The original Clubhouse approach incorporating partnered pad work & a genuine focus on core strength & stability. 

A cardio conditioning session that will challenge you using all the boxing fundamentals without the pre-requisite of being a world champion. Integrating classic combos with kettle bells is a guaranteed calorie killer. 

Clubhouse Beach Bootcamp

With Leighton Beach literally on our doorstep, come sweat and smile in the sun with our 45 minute Clubhouse Beach Bootcamp. A full body workout that ensures you utilise every muscle head to toe to guarantee a high calorie burn! With a mixture of short cardio efforts teamed with unique body weight movements you will leave the class feeling refreshed from the amazing surroundings but also knowing you have work hard to tone and strengthen your entire body whilst engaging your core through the soft sand efforts.


Clubhouse Athletic 101

You don't have to be a pro to train like one, so find your inner athlete & experience the Clubhouse Athletic. Test your power, strength, agility and co-ordination whilst maximising all muscle groups on a number of planes (just like the pros) With Clubhouse coaches Aian & Christian previously AFL rookie and American College basket baller, their goal is to bring high grade sports conditioning to the mainstream with this high intensity 45 minute session. Smile, sweat, suffer and succeed just like all great teams & athletes do!

Clubhouse Movement Session Pricing

The Benefits of Becoming part of The Clubhouse Crew

• Complimentary fitness assessment 
• Complimentary Personal Training session
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• 50% off your first Infrared Sauna Session
• 15% off your first purchase of any Clubhouse Apparel

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Unlimited Sessions

$69 / week

The Clubhouse Sessions Unlimited is a non-contract re-occurring payment that allows you access to as many Clubhouse Sessions a week with a 14-day booking window. Clients may freeze their direct debit free of charge but The Clubhouse needs a minimum 10 days notice for it to be processed. 

Breakdown if you:

Attend 4 x week = $17

Attend 5 x week = $13

Clubhouse Sessions x 3

$59 / week

The Clubhouse Sessions x 3 is a non-contract re-occurring payment that allows you access to any 3 Clubhouse Sessions a week with a 14-day booking window. Clients may freeze their direct debit free of charge but The Clubhouse needs a minimum 10 days notice for it to be processed. 

Breakdown if you:

Attend 3 x week = $19

Student Pass

$49 / week

Being a student can be tough on the back pocket, but that doesn't mean your health & fitness should suffer. We offer a Clubhouse Student Membership which allows you access to any 3 Clubhouse Sessions a week. Please contact us via email if you wish to purchase our student special.

Movement Pass

$320 / 2 months

Train on your own terms, any sessions, any time. 2 month expiry to use your ten sessions.

Access any 10 sessions.

Drop In

$34 / session

Pay as you go classes to give you the flexibility to train however you like. No joining fees, no monthly commitments.

Attend any 1 session = $34

Personal Training Pricing

We understand that no two bodies are the same and todays lifestyles are busier than ever with schedules forever changing. The Clubhouse Movement offers private coaching whether it be one on one or a small group with your friends at a time that is convenient for you. 

You deserve the best and we pride ourselves on delivering exactly that. We will tailor and customise your sessions and programs so you achieve your goals with a safe, sustainable approach. 

Innovation and our commitment to your results is our priority

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Personal Training

$80 / 45 min session

$60 / 30 min session

$600 - 10 sessions (30min)

$700 - 10 sessions (45min)